Centering Prayer Group

In the past we have offered times for learning about and practicing centering prayer during Adult Forum, but have never found a time to provide an opportunity for a regular centering prayer time. We would now like to experiment with starting such a time. If you are interested in trying to learn to pray silently and without words, please come to the Office at 5:00 on Thursday, October 11, to learn something about centering prayer. The hope is to meet that first time to discuss any issues around scheduling or the prayer itself, then move into silence for about 10 minutes, finishing at 5:25, allowing time for anyone going to the Healing Service to get to Pise Chapel by 5:30. After that, we will meet at 5:00, and move towards 20 minutes of silence, still ending at 5:25. Please consider joining us to savor silence for a few minutes in our noisy world.

Questions? Contact Louise Bower at 782-8344 or