The mission of the Christ Church Pastoral Care Commission is “to be the presence of Christ in caring for one another.”  The purpose of the commission is to take care of one another within the congregation.  These services will be handled with discretion and respect for privacy.  If you would like more information or have a need for yourself or a family member regarding any of these offerings, please call the church office and the Parish Administrator will get in touch with the appropriate coordinator.  The Following ministries are ways in which we feel we can offer care and help to members.

Commission Members:

  • Nancy Boerup - Chair - pastoral.care@christchurchglendale.org

  • Anna Ehlerding – Feed My Sheep

  • Sue Mitchell – Healing Touch

  • Peggy Springer – Helping Hands

  • Penny Young – Stephen Ministry

  • Jackie Engelbert – Telephone Ministry

  • Linda King-Edrington – Visitors Coordinator

  • Cathy Snider - Therapy Dogs

Feed My Sheep – Feed My Sheep offers meals to members of the parish who could use such assistance during times of recuperation, birth of a newborn or family emergency.

Healing Touch – Healing touch is an energy therapy based on relationships of caring.  Practitioners use their hands in a consciously heart-centered and intentional way to enhance, support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual  health and self-healing.  Light or near body touch is used to clear, balance and energize the human energy system and promote healing for mind, body and spirit.  Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation and peace as the session proceeds.

Helping Hands – This ministry serves elderly or home-bound parishioners who need minor tasks accomplished in their home.  Tasks could include such jobs as changing overhead light bulbs or smoke alarm batteries, installing a grab bar or other very basic home repairs.

Stephen Ministry – Stephen Ministers are trained lay persons who provide one-to-one Christian care giving to those who are hurting from a crisis or new transition in their lives, such as grief, serious illness, family upheavals or other life transforming issues.  Stephen Ministers, who have completed 50 hours of training, support the clergy by committing to participate in a specific one on one confidential caring relationship, walking with people in need.

Telephone Ministry – Members keep in touch by phone with some of our home-bound parishioners or those who may have returned home from a hospital or rehabilitation stay.  The purpose is to minimize their isolation and to maintain their connection to the church.

Therapy Dogs – A licensed therapy dog and handler will visit individuals to offer comfort and emotional support.  Therapy dogs through their presence and loving nature, can often help diffuse pain, mood and disposition, decrease stress and improve self confidence in a lonely or sad person.

Visitors – Members will make short visits periodically to hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes and private residences to offer personal fact to face contact and companionship from the church.