Christ Church Glendale 2019 Vestry Nominations

The Vestry Nominating committee is preparing a slate of candidates for the Vestry, as well as for Delegates/Alternates to the Diocesan Convention.  Any member of the Parish who is a communicant in Good Standing* is encouraged to make a nomination (including a self-nomination) by contacting a member of the Nominating Committee before December 2, 2018.

Description of Duties:

The Vestry is the governing body of Christ church Glendale.  The Vestry meets one evening a month for approximately two hours to conduct the official business of the parish.  In addition, a weekend retreat is held each winter to establish parish priorities and Vestry assignments.  Vestry members generally serve as a liaison to one of the Parish Commissions.  The Vestry term of office is three years.

Criteria and Qualifications:

The Vestry members will be Communicants in Good Standing* of sixteen years of age or older elected by the Parish membership.  At no time shall there be a majority of the Vestry under twenty one years of age.  Vestry members shall be elected for three years, so arranged that one-third of them will terminate and be refilled each year.  A Vestry member shall be ineligible for re-election at the end of his or her three-year term, until one year has elapsed.  The (outgoing) Senior Warden shall be ineligible for a Vestry term until one year has elapsed.  One youth Vestry member may also be appointed to a one year term.  The youth member must be a Communicant in Good Standing* of sixteen years of age or older but not older than nineteen years of age on the day of the election.  The you Vestry member can serve no more than two consecutive terms.  In the event no youth candidate is nominated in any year, the youth appointment may be left vacant.

*A Communicant in Good Standing is a Communicant of CCG who has given during the previous year reasonable support to the parish by attendance at public worship, unless prevented for good cause, by expenditures of time and talent on behalf of Parish affairs, and/or by monetary contributions.

Nominating Committee Members:

Karen Leugers, Chair, kvl225@yahoo.com; 373-0529

Steve Benson, sbenson1@cinci.rr.com; 310-9007

Maralee Viox, maraleeviox@gmail.com; 477-2368


The vestry is the governing body of the parish. It is made up of twelve lay members of the parish. This includes Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and nine members-at-large. Members at large serve staggered three-year terms, so three new members are elected each year at the Annual Meeting. Additionally, there is one member elected from the youth of our parish for a one year term. The vestry meets once a month for approximately two hours to conduct the official business of the parish. Normally, each vestry member serves as liaison to a commission.

Current Members:

George Bergen, Maria Gerber, Art Pizzano, Jim Walch, Rob Withers, Loring Leitzel, Steve Benson, The Rev. David Pfaff

Heather Watson, Karen Leugers, Kathye Nippert, Juliette Stuard, Maralee Viox

Art Pizzano, Senior Warden

George Bergen, Junior Warden


  • Steve Benson

  • Karen Leugers

  • Maralee Viox


  • Maria Gerber

  • Jim Walch

  • Heather Watson


  • Kathye Nippert

  • Juliette Stuard

  • Rob Withers

Youth Representative: Loring Leitzel